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Friends of Mike

I've recently become connected with Voices Against Brain Cancer, a great advocacy group with a wide variety of initiatives for brain cancer research, awareness and support.   I'll be participating in their Annual Join the Voices Against Brain Cancer Run/Walk, to be held on Sunday, December 2, 2012 in New York's Central Park.

I've always been reluctant to ask friends and family to participate in any such cause, but I'm making an exception here.  I've learned that brain cancer research is underfunded and brain cancer awareness really needs to be raised. So...Here's how to participate with us in this event.  If you'd like to run/walk, click "Join a Team" (above, on the left) and search our team name "Friends of Mike" and click join (to the left in the search results). We'd love for anyone to be with us in Central Park.  To make a donation, if you are so inclined, the easiest way is to click the "Support Friends of Mike" link to the right, under the photo of us.  Our team is called "Friends of Mike", stealing (with permission) from the custom winter hats line lovingly designed and made by Erin Krantz and Frieda Taylor.

The event is honoring Dr. Andrew Lassman, who has been heading my medical team at Columbia.  I will also be honored with an award at the event.    

       Thanks for any participation and support you can give. 



           Mike Weiner



Friends of Mike - Join Team
Diane Margolin
jeffrey abrams
Sara Abrams
Ellen Ackerman
Emily Ackerman
Mitch Ackerman
Leonor Barua
Abby Bauer
Andrew Bauer
Mikaela Bauer
Mo Bauer
Tracey Bauer
Jody Belcastro
Jean Berkowitz
Jeffrey Berkowitz
Juliah Berkowitz
Laura Bishop
Lisa Blando
greg bouris
markela bouris
nicholas bouris
Valerie Bouris
Megan Bowers
Shirley Brandman
Antoinette Caffarone
Charlie Caffarone
Danielle Caffarone
Daryl Caffarone
Hillary Caffarone
Sara Cartmill
Jim Chelius
Martha Child
Jamie Cicerelle
Tony Clark
Olive Crone
Hannah DeAngeles
Jan Decker
Erik Dorfler
Sherry Doyle
Lynda Eisen
Carol Falk
Derek Fenton
Debbie Fesinstine
Jamie Fesinstine
Jill Fesinstine
Michael Fesinstine
karen finkelstein
Nina Fitzsimmons
Pam Fitzsimmons
Cade Goodwin
Chase Goodwin
David Goodwin
Julia Goodwin
Tina Goodwin
Dylan Griswold
Heather Gross
Marsha Gross
Robert Guerra
Colson Hall
Robin Hall
stephen harris
Jill Herman Melnyk
Sharon Herson
Allison Hirsch
Howie Hirsch
Iris Hirsch
Aisha Hope
Owen Hopkins
jill howell
Sabrina Hutt
Lauren Iwanow
Debbie Kahan
Emma Kahan
Molly Kahan
Sanford Kahan
Lauri Kaplan
Molly Keeler
Gerri Klein
Dave Krantz
Emmett Krantz
Erin Krantz
Joan Kries
Logan Kries
John Laposky
Joseph laposky
Nathan Laposky
Jaxon Leifer
Juniper Leifer
Levi Leifer
Masie Leifer
Scott Leifer
Aimee Levine
Ellen Lewis
Gideon Lewis-Kraus
Charlie Lott
David Lott
Izzy Lott
Daniel Louis
Linda Magitz
Irene Marinich
Melba Markowitz
Suzi Marr
Howard Matalon
Helen Mattson
Alex McMullen
Barrie McMullen
Paul McNeill
Michael Melnyk
Charles Mitchell
Gretchen Mueller
Aidan Murphy
Kevin Murphy
June Napoli
Bernard Neuner
Kirby Neuner
Shea Neuner
Terri Neuner
Sharon O'Donnell
Doreen OConnor
Cheryl Orenstein
Ed Orenstein
Andrew Ostenfeld
Hailey Ostenfeld
Rochelle Ostenfeld
Tom Ostenfeld
Alexander Parson
Joshua Parson
Melissa Parson
William Parson
Celia Penny
Duncan Penny
Ian Penny
Melissa Persaud
Dorothy Pfeiffer
Ginni Pomper
Jean Porter
Allyne Price
Dave Prouty
Molly Prouty
Ashton Ramsburg
Mona Ressaissi
Nancy Ressaissi
Jamie Rosenblum
Jennifer Rosenblum
Jonathan Rosenblum
Kym Sassoon
Ari Schaffer
Eden Schaffer
Hanna Schaffer
Jason Schaffer
Kimberly Schaffer
Noah Schaffer
Noah T. Schaffer
Samuel Schaffer
Howard Schutzbank
Ruth Schutzbank
Kelly Shea
Alison Shelofsky
Andrew Shelofsky
Kelsey Shelofsky
Patty Shwartz
Bob Silvers
Jacqueline Silvers
Jenny Stephens
Deirdre Sweeney
Frieda Taylor
Lou Ellen Taylor
Veronica Ulloa
Martijn Van Berkel
Alison Verp
Deborah Verp
Jessica Verp
Stephen Verp
Devon Vialva
Kai Vialva
Naya Vialva
Soleya Vialva
autumn webb
doreen webb
ilissa webb
rory webb
alexis weiner
Billye Weiner
Danielle Weiner
David Weiner
Evonne Weiner
Grace Weiner
Margie Weiner
Nikki Weiner
Sally Weiner
samuel weiner
sondra weiner
Terry Weiner
Nancy Willis
Brooke Wilson
Cindy Wilson
Jill Wilson
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