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Adrienne's Crusaders

To all our family and friends,

In 2011, our mother, Adrienne Renzetti, formed a team for Voices Against Brain Cancer called Adrienne's Crusaders. She and our family and friends had the opportunity to participate in raising funds for brain cancer awareness and research. Until our mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, we never realized how many people were affected by brain cancer. In April 2008, doctors found a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) tumor and operated on her to remove it.
Early in 2013, her GBM returned and she underwent her second brain surgery. For five and a half years, our mother did everything she could to live. She enjoyed life and fought every day for it.
Unfortunately, our mother succumbed to brain cancer on July 7, 2013. This year, we walk in her memory.
We are asking that all whose lives were touched by our mother in any way and those who have a loved one affected by brain cancer please donate and run or walk with our team. Help us battle against this devastating disease.
Join our team, Adrienne's Crusaders, in the Voices Against Brain Cancer Walk on Sunday, November 17, 2013 in Central Park.
Thank you for your support!
Nick Renzetti Jr.
Maria Pietromonaco
Adrienne's Crusaders

Adrienne's Crusaders Raised
Nicholas Renzetti Jr. $3,275.50
MariaLaura Pietromonaco $450.00
Diana Allocca $60.00
Richard Allocca $0.00
Marie Bardi $0.00
Annamarie Breen $100.00
Maria Butera $0.00
Michael Butera $50.00
Magali Capi $0.00
Charles Cardone $50.00
Laurie Cipullo $0.00
donna cornicelli $0.00
Stefanie Cus $50.00
Dean Delianites $125.00
Mary Beth Delianites $0.00
Adam Elewa $0.00
Adly Elewa $0.00
Randi Farber $0.00
Ruth Forero $0.00
Adriana Laurendi $0.00
Andrew Laurendi $0.00
Camille Laurendi $0.00
Loretta Laurendi $960.00
Olivia Laurendi $0.00
Robert Laurendi $0.00
Thomas Laurendi $0.00
Christina Ledgin $0.00
Cindy McGlynn $0.00
Cori Meyer $0.00
Ed Meyer $0.00
Erica Meyer $0.00
Pamela Meyer $0.00
Anne Pannone $0.00
Michael Pannone $0.00
Anthony Pietromonaco $0.00
Chris Pietromonaco $0.00
Arthur Portnoy $0.00
Joann Portnoy $310.00
Nicholas Renzetti Sr. $550.00
Frank Schulz $0.00
Barbara Steinberg $0.00
Carlina Sveva $0.00
Dana Sveva $0.00
Devon Sveva $0.00
Donna Sveva $0.00
Joseph Sveva $0.00
Marie Tabacchi $0.00
Robert Tabacchi $0.00
Amanda Trezza $0.00
Angelo Trezza
Pasquale Trezza Jr
Pasquale Trezza $0.00
Amanda Wroblewski $0.00
Team Gifts $3,469.50
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