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It is my honor to participate in the Voices Against Brain Cancer 5k in support and celebration of Nathan Mastin on November 6.

Nate entered Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock, TX with what he thought was a sinus infection. He was quickly scheduled for surgery to remove a mass on his brain – it was glioblastoma. The docs were successful in removing most of the malignant tumor, and after several weeks of rehab, Nate began chemotherapy and radiation therapy under the guidance of oncologists at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. With the support of his family and friends behind him, Nate began a 6 week radiation protocol with instructions to continue chemotherapy treatment at his home over the course of the next year.

An MRI showed that radiation had been successful in shrinking the tumor, and a second MRI after twelve weeks of heavy chemotherapy brought more encouragement. Nate is currently in his third of twelve chemotherapy cycles that consist of a double-dose of chemo for 5 days straight and 23 days of recovery.

I first heard of Nate’s fight against glioblastoma when his cousin and my long time friend, Summer Pittman, called me to discuss steps my mother took in killing her tumors. Despite utilizing a different treatment method than my mother, Nate is taking his holistic approach to his healing and focuses maintaining a positive frame of mind. Although I have never met Nate personally, I will be celebrating his recovery along side, albeit geographically distant, from his family and friends.

Originally planning to participate in the 5k quietly, I have switched gears and chosen to fund raise for Voices Against Brain Cancer for two main reasons.

1. The proceeds from this run will benefit brain cancer research at Stanford and UCSF. My mother’s doc is at UCSF. Her doc is so impressed with her cannabis-driven results and has instructed her to maintain the course! I am all for supporting doctors and programs that recognize cannabis as a cancer treatment.

2. Voices Against Brain Cancer operate under the motto “no stone left unturned in search for a cure”. They have recently secured three different grants supporting the research of the healing ability of cannabis against brain cancer. Of course we know that cannabis fights cancer, but VABC are working to get that “scientific proof” demanded by so many of us.

With only 10 days to go before the run, I have set an ambitious goal to raise $300. Please join me in celebrating Nathan’s road to healing by pitching in what you feel drawn to contribute. If your words carry more value than dollars, please feel free to leave an encouraging note, and I will make sure your message is passed to Nate and his family.

To make a donation, click the link under the "brain" image on the right! 



 Here is the website detailing my mother's brain tumor success story: www.kellyshealingpath.com


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