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April 2006
April 2006

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Doree O'Connell
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 I read somewhere on one of those websites that brain cancer patients should avoid at all costs that the life expectancy of a person facing glioblastoma multiforme averages nine to fourteen months.


Well, it has been ten years since my GBM diagnosis. That means I've had ten years of family and friends, of joy and laughter, of life's bittersweet experiences, and I know how blessed I am.


I wouldn't have survived the early days without my daughter, Jennifer, my greatest teacher in life, and my life partner, Jack, who makes me laugh. I walk in honor of those whose courage and hope touched me on this journey and who have gone on ahead--Ann, Chris, Terry, Marilyn, Don, Pauline. I love you all. And to Dr. Mitchel Berger and Dr. Susan Chang, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe I'd be a statistic today without you.


I have learned that attitude is everything; that my thoughts are the energy that steer my life; that laughter is better than medicine; that hope is forever. 


Peace and love, Doree 

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